Jeanne d'Arc by Mimi Vert

Mimi Vert is a Swiss based jewelry line designed by Miriam Josi, a former model whose passion is design. Determined to pursue a career in jewelry design, she teamed up with Ilias Verras, a US entrepreneur who had experience in managing luxury brand, and come up with Mimi Vert, a name taken from Miriam’s childhood name and the word green in French. Their latest collection titled Jeanne D’arc was inspired by medieval historical period. Filled with shapes from the medieval era, such as crown, crest, and fleur de lis, they successfully made their pieces very empowering to women who wear them. Their simplicity on interpreting the concept is what sets their collection apart from other jewelry line and their multi purpose pendant/ring is also what makes their collection worth having. (Text Arsy Medina)

Follow this link to see the whole line collection Mimi Vert

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