Flik Hall Spring Summer 2012

Director Ashley Joiner / Cinematography Jodie Herbage / Sound Phaedra / Editing Tim Deiling

London based Designer Felicity Hall (Flik Hall) has cast her sartorial spell with a collection inspired by the eroticism surrounding and relating to the form and ethereal symbolism of the octopus for Spring Summer 2012 collection. The prints this season are derived from the obscure close up imagery of the octopi skin and tentacles. Flik introduces new textured fabrics that resonate closely with this. Melodramatic prints of tentacles look like they are twisting over leather emblazoned with eyelets for the octopi's suckers.

Filk also introduces narrow skirts, fluid floor length goddes gown, layered silk and leather shift dresses and chic blouses abundant with a wardrobe or print. A mixture of opaque and semi-transparent fabric is used divulging parts of the body though them, taking inspiration from Chimeras or more literally cecaelia (half octopus, half human).

The collection is delicate and romantic; soft muted colours create a modern femininity, contrasting delicacy and softness with a strong dynamic edge. Flik balances a layer of fantasy in her aesthetic that is innately female using a mixture of sheer feminine fabrics. This is combined with harder materials such as leather and neoprene that gives the dynamic edge the label is distinguished for, generating significant media attention since the label launched in 2009.

For the lookbook of Flik Hall Spring Summer 2012 and rest of the shoot continue after the jump:

Photography Jack Willsmore / Hair Elvire Roux / Make-up Kentaro Kondo / Design Dan Sheffield / Digital Papaya Ink / Model Karolina R. at FM

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