Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2012 Women's Collection

A very clever well presented looks that Wang was showcasing for this show. As there was so much going on, all you can say about this show was that is simply very subtle and sublime. For this fall, Wang was trying to focus on sportswear look with a twist of glamorous yet edgy touch for the whole collection. "It was a very surrealistic approach in terms of fabric manipulation", as Wang, explained in the preview.

Trompe l'oeil techniques use for this fall/winter collection to emphasize the idea of optical illusion. The first up to few looks it such a portrayal of woman from a sci-fi era. These showed from silhouettes as well as the detailing of each pieces; covering the models faces with laser cutting pieces giving the feel of mysterious woman in the era. An epic approach to fabric manipulation that he showed in this Autumn/Winter is a very savvy ways to communicating the sci-fi ideas that all of the looks turns out very strong and powerful. A mixed of sheer, silk, tweeds, and combination of techniques used in order to exposed the idea of strong surface finishing. It is all about shine, gloss, and covering up fabrics.

In this collection, with palette from ice white flowing to more stronger color tones like black, shinny maroon, and ended up strong leather lacquered coats. Wang showed his exploration in this collection, something that more mature than what he had produced before. Fabrics here were very well made as well as looking supremely in an expensive finish. It seems that someone has been travelling to the other side of the universe. (Text Dinta Jakile)

Image courtesy of visionaryfashion.net

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