KTZ AW 2012: Dark Mystical Meets The New Romantics

For this season, KTZ was showcasing a very bold and powerful collection. Inspired by the 80s New Romantics and Russian monks, the designer was emphasizing the feel of dark mysticism looks combines with strong color palette such as yellow, red, blue presented in mixture of slouchy oversized blazers and spangle clothes.

Tartans were definitely the highlight for this winter. With mixture of sparkling astrological symbols mix with polka dots garments, the whole looks was so phenomenal. The mood was playful and expressive, reinforced by all the checked and layering style for the next autumn look. Not to forget the details on their accessories that catch our attention to complete the whole look; shinny materials used as the complimentary of a pretty simple evening dress to spotlight the 80s grunge look. The use of digital printing techniques focusing in the signs and symbols in the most of the heavy black thrown neckpieces as well as in few of dresses and garments was the other way to showing their basic mystical inspiration.

It was a perfect closing show for the day before starting of Menswear day for this London Fashion Week. The show was packaged very solid and pretty out there. Overall, KTZ sounds like suggesting a nice change for our next winter season not to keep the traditional browns as our usual look. (Text Dinta Jakile)

Photography Narya Abhimata

Special thanks to BOB | Best of British (Cary and Nin)

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