SCYA Presents "EXTREME BEAUTY" A Fine Art - Fashion Exhibition

Extreme Beauty is a collage of impactful, exaggerated forms built in to a social commentary of the modern world's notion of beauty. Expect a varied tone and approach to the curatorial for this exhibition. Interesting highlight include Skye Tan's multi sensory artwork titled, "The Offering" as he attempts to recreate several meat dresses with veteran artisan, Joe Rahim and perfumist Sifr Aromatics styled by Randolph Tan from Runway Addict.

Opening the night's reception will be a performance work by Sophia Natasha Wei with her unconventional method in completing an ultimate extreme beauty regime.

Other interesting artworks includes Clifford Loh's depiction of perceptual slavery and his photographic collaboration with Frederick Lee Couture and Debra Raymond's commentary parody of the modern world's notions of beauty through her witty illustrations of magazine covers. Nataliette Tan on the other hand, portrays an entirely different perspective of extreme beauty in her strange and macabre way while Fadli Rahman's depicts the extremities people partake to incorporate branding into their lives (and body). Ex Starcreation 2nd runner up, Sufian is presenting a jewellery sculpture that embodies his vision of a post apocalyptic life where humans celebrate the imperfection in body deformities.

Extreme Beauty showcases the work of 8 selected artist across various disciplines. It is a collage of impactful, exaggerated forms built in to a social commentary of contemporary notions of beauty. The exhibit will showcase visually arresting photographs, cogent illustrations and incisive performance art, that are thought provoking; making social commentaries of the modern perceptions of beauty found in the places you'd least expect. This conscientious and scrupulous walk-through will question your understanding of truth. Beauty begets beauty, let us unravel its resonance and enjoy this sublimity of the works.

Extreme Beauty is curated by Clifford Loh, member of the Singaporean Contemporary Young Artist Society.

Extreme Beauty opens on 30th March 2012, 6.30 pm and runs till 13th April 2012 at Vue Privee.

RSVP to SCYA: mailer@contemporaryart.sg

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