The Shins - Port of Morrow

It has been five years since The Shins released their last album the eclectic Wincing the Night Away. During the break in 2010, The Shins' front man slash songwriter James Mercer teamed up with Danger Mouse and formed a collaboration called Broken Bells and produced one album. 2 years after that, Mercer is finally released The Shins' fourth album called Port of Morrow. The return is simply a triumphant project that appears from a total emotional effect. The first single, Simple Song is accentuating acrobatic pile of guitar sound, whereas its second single September will melt your problem away by hearing the whispery-sea breeze tunes. Meanwhile, other songs Bait and Switch and No Way Down simply represent American pop-rock. Lyrical wise, Port of Morrow proves that James Mercer hasn't lost his talent by pointing nostalgic description in Simple Sing and Fall of 82. Not to mention September with shows genuine warmth, which make the comeback couldn't be more miraculous. (Text Mudi Hapsari)

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