NIKICIO "WAR" Mixte Autumn/Winter 2012

It was last Friday when East Kemang was packed with the young and fashionable people who came to attend Nikicio's show that night. Took place at W Space - Graha Toorak the show was scheduled to start around 8 PM.

For Nikicio: Mixte Autumn/Winter collection, Nina Nikicio work on the theme of War and explained the idea of woman that willing to go to war, in defense of stance and romance, but most importantly of existence.

Although we've already aware about the signature style of Nikicio who's embodied the androgynous style by exploring many tailored cut to her design, but the highlight of this collection was in the approach on fabric printing. Collaborated with photographer Evelyn Pritt, the monochromatic "Ocean Waves #0" print was executed perfectly in various fabric such as silk and leather. In designing pieces, the outstanding two buttons tailored jacket paired together with straight cut pants, all in the monochromatic prints. The other excelent piece is the leather motorcycle jacket which printed in silver. Although some pieces are very strong and masculine it was well balance with the series of knitwear to achieve the romance and feminine side of the concept.

As Nikicio personified a fresh young Indonesian design, she keeps in interest of using local fabrics for all the collection. Nikicio: Mixte filled with contradiction and individuality which portray growth of the new generation; fresh, rebellious yet surprisingly grow mature. (Text Amanda Prihutomo)

Photography Hilarius Jason

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