The Game of Things by Cristian Straub for Ethel Vaughn

Things talk relationships. This is the premise for THE GAME OF THINGS, Cristian Straub's latest fashion short film for German fashion label Ethel Vaughn.
A woman is haunted by her past, by things and moments she once shared with someone. As the film unfold we get a grasp of the romantic relationship that is no more. The woman determined to clean up her life - by setting all the "useless, stupid things" from the past on fire. In the meantime, a mysterious rider appears. And it looks like he's up to no good...

Once again, director Cristian Straub was joined by Director of Photography Jakob Suess in his journey for new forms of visual expression. Heavily inspired by the cinema of the late 60s and early 70s (like Nicolas Roeg's "Don't look back" or Polanski's "The Tenant"), they crafted a film that emanates not only the aesthetic feel, but also embraces the courages spirit and the cinematic curiousity of that particular era in film history.

For THE GAME OF THINGS Fashion Film House Riese Farbaute teamed with Metrosafari Location, both aiming to set new standards in forward thinking fashion film production.

Written and directed by Cristian Straub / Production Riese Farbaute and Metrosafari / Production Manager Nic Diedrich / Director of Photography Jacob Suess / Camera Assistant Paul Spengemann / Foley, Sound design and mixing Pablo Paolo Kilian / Hair and Make-up Sarah Kemnitz / Props Inga Braun / Starring Lea Vukovics at Mega Model Agency and Hendrik Landschoof

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