Best of British SS 2012 by Hakim Satriyo for DEW Magazine Pre-January Issue 2012

DEW Magazine Pre-January Issue 2012 / BOB SS 2012 Photography Hakim Satriyo / Styling Aldi Indrajaya / Models Putri at Look, Merille at VTM

What has been done, is done. Worn after the bi-annual runways of the year at London Fashion Week, looks from the runway are turned into sample stocks that would travel the world with its designer or agent to find its potential buyers and new opportunities at trade shows. Specially showcased in Asia as the first look, the only one to bring the ones who have been solid gladiators in British fashion as well as new trendmaker contenders it straight off the runway is represented by Singapore and London-based fashion retail consultancy Glamour Inc., Under the flag of Best of British (BOB), making a round of selections from the strongest and most influential trends emerging, promising to bring the best of each upcoming season, six months ahead before it hits the stores.

BOB reperesent this SS12 season along with Alexia scarves, Belle Sauvage, Leopard by Belle Sauvage, Boudicca, George Angelopoulos, Haizhen Wang, Lee Lapthorne, Kokon To Zai (KTZ), Tim Soar, and Vassilisa.

Silhouettes and patterns are reconstructures endlessly to define the designer's wish to translate his or her inspirations into the choosen fabric which has been fine digital prints that define the collection's season, wheter it may be the oriental inspired flowers in Belle Sauvage, African tribe Maasai dominance in KTZ, and hyperbole prints found in Haizhen Wang's textural surface prints on light and fragile fabrics in contrast to Tim Soar's herringbone on silk.

The clothes say so much about our current era, and what is to come, in its most subtle, innate way - where then in the hands of photographer and the eye and fingers of a digital imager, this is the least to say how prints always have its lightweight approach to transcend into multitude of digital possibilities created by DEW contributors and stylist. Once again, DEW had another opportunity to see it firsthand and stealing it away for the night for this special editorial. (Text Elizabeth Raisa)

What's next for BOB? That would be, Autumn-Winter '12 in March 2012.
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